Domino Rewards: Q2 Offers

Wondering what to snack on during this window of social distancing? Enjoying these will earn you some cents per gallon savings on fuel too!

  • Buy 2 16 oz. Monster Energy Drinks, Earn 5¢/gal
  • Buy 3 5 Hour Energy, Earn 5¢/gal
  • Buy 3 Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, or Crunch Share Packs, Earn 3¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Cheetos 2-5oz. bags, Earn 3¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Fit Crunch Bars, Earn 3¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Jack Link’s Beef Steaks, Earn 5¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Kind Bars, Earn 2¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Lipton PureLeaf Teas, Earn 3¢/gal
  • Save $1.00 when you buy 2 M&M’s Messages, Single or Share Size
  • Buy 2 Skittles Dips, Earn 3¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Vitamin Waters, Earn 3¢gal
  • Buy any Reese’s Candy, Earn 2¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Single or Share Size M&M Messages, Earn 5¢/gal
  • Buy 2 V8 Juice, Earn 5¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Milky Way, Earn 5¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Snickers, Earn 5¢/gal
  • Buy 2 Pennzoil Quarts, Earn 10¢/gal
  • Buy 1 Jack Link’s Zero Sugar, Earn 8¢/gal
  • Buy any Sour Punch Bites, Mini Bites, or Straws, Earn 2¢/gal
  • Buy 1 Rice Krispies Treats Dunk’d Bars, Earn 5¢/gal
  • Buy 1 Muscle Milk Genuine, Earn 4¢/gal
  • Buy 1 Muscle Milk Pro Series, Earn 5¢/gal

Also kicking off April 1st is our new coffee club! Earn a free coffee for every 5 coffees you purchase with Domino Rewards.