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About The Company

Elmer Smith Oil Company began with a single, small service station in 1955. Elmer Smith, the founder, became a local fuel distributor for Champlain in 1967. He, then, began leasing service stations. In 1972, he purchased some leases and started distributing GULF products. Since that time, he has added multiple fuel brands. To continue adding to the long-term viability of the company, Elmer has started several other divisions that work well with Elmer Smith Oil Company. Elmer Smith Oil Company subsidiaries including Domino Transports, Inc. and Domino Food and Fuel. Elmer Smith Oil Company and it's subsidiaries employ several hundred people.

Elmer Smith Oil Company has strived to provide value added services to the fuel industry for over 60 years. Elmer Smith Oil Company continues to grow and provide services to a multi-state area. Elmer's son, Martin Smith, now serves as President of the company and provides direction for day-to-day operations.

Our Corporate Headquarters

Elmer Smith Oil

P.O. Box 1719
1715 S Hwy 183
Clinton, Oklahoma 73601
(580) 323-2929

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