The Giving Pump Impact

Last year, we donated $10,662 to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health as part of our Giving Pump program. With that donation, they were able to purchase a therapy swing for the pediatric physical therapy clinic. That swing is making a huge impact on patients like Charlie!

Charlie is 4 years old, and was diagnosed with hypotonia. He loves to do the obstacle course during his physical therapy appointments. The swing is his final task during those.

“This swing has been a really fun way to help Charlie with his core strength, because teaching a 4 year old how to do sit-ups in unrealistic!” A member of Charlie’s team told us. “We have also been able to work on his knee and ankle stability while he stands on the platform swing attachment, which has also been a difficult task prior to getting the swing! Finally, we have been able to help Charlie with his motor planning for being on a standard swing so he is better prepared to participate with play activities with his age-matched peers.”

Charlie is just one of the many kids that has benefited from this new piece of equipment that was made possible through The Giving Pump. We hope to have an even bigger impact this year!

Until October 31st, we are donating 1¢ per gallon of fuel sold at the specially marked Giving Pump at all Domino C-Store locations. Stop by your local Domino and fill up today!